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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I request a printed catalog from Ball FloraPlant?

A new Ball FloraPlant catalog is launched each year around mid-June. You will first see a virtual catalog at our websites to View & Download, and use for quick-reference from your mobile devices.

To request a printed catalog, please visit our online form to provide your delivery information. You can also reach out to your Ball Seed sales representative. Thank you for your interest in our products! 

How do I sign up for your newsletter?

You can sign up for our Ball FloraPlant marketing emails by filling out the form at the link below.

Sign up for emailed news and updates.

Can I use the photos in your photo library?

The Ball FloraPlant image library is readily available for promotional use with hi-res downloadable images. Photos may not be licensed or resold. The correct variety name and series name must be listed with any reproduction.

You can also request images from our Image Archivists by emailing the Ball Photo Library at

Can I order or print-on-demand Point of Purchase signage?

Ball FloraPlant is happy to offer marketing support for its products. Many Point Of Purchase (POP) signs, posters, cart banners, and bench cards can be ordered through our graphics partners or requested through your grower and sales representative.

Browse our Logos & Signage webpage to start, or reach out to our Sales & Marketing team members for assistance.

Product Inquiries

Which Mandevilla varieties need a trellis or support structure?

Check out the Tropica™ collection of Mandevilla and Dipladenia. This page has all the information you need from bush to medium and large-vining varieties.

This helpful Tropic sell sheet can also shed some light on which varieties might best suit your needs.

Can I grow a lantana in a hanging basket?

Our Lantana is available in a wide range of habits and sizes. Check them all out on our Lantana page.

The trailing habit of PassionFruit Lantana makes excellent hanging baskets. Be sure to try that one!

Where can I buy Ball FloraPlant plants?

Ball FloraPlant sells to the horticultural industry, with greenhouse customers across North America. If you are a home gardener, we are unable to sell directly to the public, but we encourage you to contact your local garden retail store OR search your favorite mail-order catalog companies for our flowers.

If you are a commercial greenhouse or flower farmer, please contact Ball Seed at 800 879-BALL or visit for avenues for purchase.

What are your newest plant introductions?

Ball FloraPlant launches dozens of new plants each year! Visit our New Varieties section at our website, which features the latest new varieties available for retail.

Can I add Mandevilla in a combo?

Check out the Tropica™ Series of Mandevilla and Dipladenia. This page has all the information you need from bush to medium and large-vining varieties.

Our FunFusions™ recipes can offer some inspiration on what works best with this sun-loving tropical plant.

MixMasters Combos – Tell me more

The fantastic MixMasters multi-liners from Ball FloraPlant give you better finished performance because they are perfectly balanced. These recipes are ordered as 100% complete multi-stuck liners. Each is trialed for national performance, even flower timing and similar vigor.

When should I order Angelonia?

Our dedicated sales force through Ball Seed and Ball ColorLink is here to help you through your order process, including when to order a certain variety.

Please call our customer service department for assistance locating a sales rep in your area: 800 879-BALL.

When should I order Geranium?

Our Ball FloraPlant regional territory managers have many answers! Contact the TM in your area for more information.

In addition, our dedicated sales force through Ball Seed and Ball ColorLink is here to help you through your order process, including when to order a certain variety.

Please call our customer service department for assistance locating a sales rep in your area: 800 879-BALL.

Plant Culture

What recommendation do you have for scheduling, disease or pest management, and plant culture

If you’re looking for specific product support from our tech services team, they have many great resources online: Videos, Guides, Presentations and more.

Browse them all at our Culture A-Z listing page.

You can also learn more about our Tech Support here. You can also reach out to our experts directly by contacting them in our “Ask a Tech Question” queue.

My plants have a disease. Can you offer advice?

Commercial greenhouse growers can explore plant culture, production guidelines, trial research and more through our Culture A-Z page here.

In addition, our Ball Seed Tech Support Team is standing by to help! Please reach out to our experts.

If you are a home gardener with a question about your flowers, we highly recommend reaching out to your local university extension office. They can provide you the most regional information on how to treat your plants. Find the USDA Co-Op Directory here. Ball FloraPlant is always happy to hear from you, too. Please fill out our Contact Us form and we'll respond during our business hours.

How do I grow and produce the best liners for my customers?

You're in luck! We have a phenomenal guide to help you "Grow a Better Liner". Download the guidelines here.

We also have a three-part video series available at BFPtv. You can view the playlist at our Technical Support page.

Ball FloraPlant Logistics Question

I have a question. Who do I call?

The fastest way to get an answer from our customer service team is to call us during business hours. Monday thru Friday, 8 am – 5 pm Central … 800 879-2255

What are my options for liner production?

See our Product Forms section at our website, which lists our wide variety of liner choices. Ball FloraPlant offers the most flexible options of any producer from the top regional supply network.

unrooted cuttings, Genesis direct-stick, AutoStix strip, MixMasters multi-liner, standard rooted, high-density liners, pre-finished plants

How are Genesis cuttings different?

See how Genesis™ direct-stick callused cuttings offer an advantage over other cuttings by visiting our designated Genesis section of our website.

In general, Genesis cuttings:

  • Require less labor
  • Have a shortened crop time
  • Leads to less shrink/loss
  • Reduce input costs
  • Have better branching and more flowers
  • Require no propagation

What varieties are available in Genesis direct-stick callused cuttings?

Ball FloraPlant has a number of varieties available as Genesis cuttings. Check them out at our Genesis webpage.

Bracteantha Dreamtime®
Interspecific Geranium Solera™
Ivy Geranium Precision™
Zonal Geranium Dynamo™
Zonal Geranium Fantasia®
Zonal Geranium Presto™
Osteospermum Blue Eyed Beauty
Osteospermum Sunshine Beauty
Osteospermum Voltage™ Gold
Osteospermum Voltage™ White
Osteospermum Voltage™ Yellow
Osteospermum Serenity™
Scaevola Bondi™
Scaevola Blue Brilliance
Scaevola Blue Fan
Scaevola White Sparkle

Can I order seed?

We are a leading breeder of vegetatively propagated flowers and plants that has won critical acclaim for our ability to produce clean, healthy cuttings for the horticultural industry. Our products are not available from seed inputs.

Learn about our farms and why they’re the most reliable source of unrooted cuttings, with an impressive 99.9% order fill rate – on time and in full!

Explore our Product Forms for other options to purchase our genetics.

Do you offer trucking delivery options to my facility?

We hope to serve your greenhouse facility in the best, most efficient way possible. Our operations and logistics teams are working hard for you! For more information, reach out to our experts, or contact your Ball Seed or Ball ColorLink representative.

Help! I lost my WebTrack login and password details!

If you've forgotton or misplaced your Ball Seed customer number or WebTrack login, please fill out the form at this link and a customer service team member will contact you with assistance.

Other Topics

I’m a home gardener. Can I order plants from Ball FloraPlant?

Ball FloraPlant is a leading breeder of vegetatively propagated plant varieties. Unfortunately, we do not sell directly to home gardeners. However, you can find our fabulous flowers at your local garden center or through your favorite mail-order catalog and online retailers.

Can I visit The Gardens at Ball?

The Gardens at Ball in West Chicago, Illinois have been the evaluation and testing grounds for the world’s wealth of horticulture since 1933. Visits to The Gardens at Ball are encouraged for customers of Ball Seed and industry partners.

Garden writers, photographers or members of the press should contact Public Relations Manager Katie Rotella.

The Gardens at Ball are open to organized garden groups, such as master gardener groups and garden clubs, by appointment only, weekdays in August, between 8:00am and 4:00pm. Learn more about scheduling a visit at our corporate website.

Does Ball FloraPlant use neonicotinoid (neonic) pesticide on its products?

Ball FloraPlant is proud to say that its offshore cuttings farms do not use neonicotinoid-based pest management chemicals during crop production, and they will continue to be neonic-free as part of our environmental stewardship goals. Instead, Ball FloraPlant relies on alternative means to supply insect-free cuttings to our global customer base.

Learn more about Our Farms and read our announcement about neonics here.

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