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Tech Support

Ball FloraPlant performs extensive culture research to develop production guidelines and ensure grower success. Our dedicated culture trials and varying degrees of technical expertise sets us apart from the rest.
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Ready With Resources

We receive all growing info and support from our friends at Ball Seed®. For quick and reliable growing guidance, you can rely on the Ball Seed Technical Support Team. Each holds advanced degrees in horticulture and can supply a wealth of information based on their wide specialty knowledge.

DR. Nathan Jahnke
Dr. Nathan Jahnke
Ball Culture Research Manager
Nick Flax
Nick Flax
Ball Technical Service Specialist
Josh Henry
Dr. Josh Henry
Ball Technical Services Specialist

More Technical Expertise

Our team members, who specialize in variety-specific support, include territory representatives:

DR. Nathan Jahnke
Lauren Blume
Tech Lead for the Midwest
Nick Flax
James Doukas
Tech Lead for the Northeast & Great Lakes
Josh Henry
Gary Vollmer
Senior Product Manager

As former growers themselves, each of our skilled team members has the ability to leverage their industry experience to guide product development, variety selection, culture trial development, and information distribution

All of our Ball FloraPlant experts provide the most up-to-date technical support. The team works with growers of all sizes to help with troubleshooting challenges and identifying opportunities throughout the entire supply chain.

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