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Geraniums in greenhouse
Genesis varieties are available as direct-stick callused cuttings for a shortened crop time, less labor and shrink, reduced input cost, and better branching. Available for Geranium, Osteospermum, Argyranthemum and more. Look for the Genesis icon on products in our catalog and enjoy these added benefits.

Direct-Stick Callused Cutting

Retail-ready plants in as few as 6 weeks!

Genesis cuttings for geraniums offer the same speedy finish and the same top-quality plants as rooted liners, but two weeks faster than unrooted liners. In trials with night temperatures of 55°F (13°C), here is a comparison of Genesis direct-stick vs. traditional unrooted liners.

Genesis Cuttings for geranium

Genesis cutting
Genesis cutting 3 weeks after direct stick
Genesis cutting after 5 weeks the same quality plants as a rooted liner

Traditional Unrooted Liner

start 2 weeks earlier to get liner ready
liner on arrival
3 weeks after transplant
after 6 weeks finished plant is ready to ship

Genesis Cuttings for osteospermum

Genesis Osteo: Liner vs. Direct Stick
Genesis cuttings arrive ready to direct stick in the finish container
Genesis cutting after 8 days, with the callus already on, root initiate quickly
Genesis cuttings after 6 weeks, Direct stick genesis cuttings branch sooner and stronger for a better quality finished plant
Genesis cuttings after 14 weeks, the genesis osteo is in full bloom out the door and ready to sell, while the traditional URC osteo is just starting to open flowers

Traditional Unrooted Cuttings

Traditional URC on arrival
Traditional URC at 8 days
Traditional URC at 6 weeks
Traditional URC at 14 weeks

Available as Genesis Direct-stick Callused Cuttings:

Bracteantha Dreamtime®
Interspecific Geranium Solera™
Ivy Geranium Precision™
Zonal Geranium Dynamo™
Zonal Geranium Fantasia®
Zonal Geranium Presto™
Osteospermum Blue Eyed Beauty
Osteospermum Sunshine Beauty
Osteospermum Voltage™ Gold
Osteospermum Voltage™ White
Osteospermum Voltage™ Yellow
Osteospermum Serenity™
Scaevola Bondi™
Scaevola Blue Brilliance
Scaevola Blue Fan
Scaevola White Sparkle

Genesis offers fantastic benefits

We’ve seen many growers use Genesis cuttings in liners, due to the 100% rooting success and the fact that they can take it off mist multiple days earlier. This, in addition to all the other benefits listed here, make Genesis a better cutting than traditional URCs. Talk to your Ball Seed® Sales Rep for more information about mist recommendations.

LESS LABOR – Genesis can be directstuck into a finished container.

SHORTENED CROP TIME – The comparison seen here proves the time savings.

LESS SHRINK – All Genesis cuttings arrive presorted for uniformity and primed for the best consistency in propagation.

REDUCED INPUT COST – It can be direct-stuck in cold frames and minimal heat environments.

BETTER BRANCHING AND MORE FLOWERS – Direct-sticking allows for maximum light penetration, leading to more branches, and therefore more color on the plant.

NO PROPAGATION REQUIRED – We found in our trials that with night temperatures of 55°F (13°C) or above, you can direct-stick Genesis cuttings.