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New Varieties

New Varieties for 2025 retail
New Monarch Magic Ageratum
New AngelFlare™ Black Angelonia
New AngelFlare™ Cranberry Angelonia
New AngelFlare™ Orchid Pink Angelonia
New AngelMist® Spreading Pink Improved Angelonia
New Archangel™ Coral Improved Angelonia
New Archangel™ Pink Improved Angelonia
New Guardian Angel™ Berry Sparkler Angelonia
New Guardian Angel™ Blue Angelonia
New MegaCopa™ Blue Improved Bacopa
New MegaCopa™ Dark Pink Bacopa
New Versa™ Appleblossom Bacopa
New Versa™ White Improved Bacopa
New Bumble Bee™ Orange Improved Calibrachoa
New Cabaret® Yellow Improved Calibrachoa
New Cha-Cha™ Electric Pink Calibrachoa
New FlameThrower™ Adobo Pink Coleus
New Marble Mania Coleus
New Enchantia™ Lavender Cuphea
New Enchantia™ Purple Cuphea
New Enchantia™ White Cuphea
New Tropica™ Grande Citrine Improved Dipladenia
New Tropica™ Grande Merlot Dipladenia
New Tropica™ Grande Pink Dipladenia
New Tropica™ Grande Red Dipladenia
New Tropica™ Medio Red Dipladenia
New Tropica™ Medio Strawberry Dipladenia
New Tropica™ Medio White Dipladenia
New Tropica™ Modesto Pink Dipladenia
New Tropica™ Modesto Red Dipladenia
New Tropica™ Modesto White Dipladenia
New Tropica™ Unico Coral Orange Sunrise Dipladenia
New Tropica™ Unico Pink + Yellow Dipladenia
New Glimmer™ Pink Double Impatiens
New Glimmer™ Salmon Improved Double Impatiens
New SunPatiens® Compact Boombox Boogie Mix Impatiens
New SunPatiens® Compact Lavender Impatiens
New SunPatiens® Compact Purple Candy Improved Impatiens
New SunPatiens® Vigorous Purple Impatiens
New Solera™ Fuchsia Interspecific Geranium
New Solera™ Lavender Interspecific Geranium
New Solera™ Orange Interspecific Geranium
New Solera™ Red Interspecific Geranium
New Solera™ Watermelon Interspecific Geranium
New Landmark™ Lemon Glow Lantana
New Landmark™ Red Improved Lantana
New Lucky™ Gold Lantana
New Shamrock™ Rose Improved Lantana
New Heatopia™ Dark Blue Lobelia
New Waterfall™ Magenta Lobelia
New Tropica™ Grandiosa Rose Pink Mandevilla
New Tropica™ Grandiosa White Mandevilla
New Tropica™ Unico Fuchsia Mandevilla
New Tropica™ Unico Pink Mandevilla
New A Grape Fit! Improved MixMasters™
New Before You Know It Improved MixMasters™
New Bejeweled Improved MixMasters™
New Berry Basket 25 MixMasters™
New Biden My Time Improved MixMasters™
New Big Flirt Improved MixMasters™
New Color Magic Improved MixMasters™
New Fashionista Improved MixMasters™
New Fruit Cocktail 25 MixMasters™
New Gimme Some Sugar Improved MixMasters™
New Hot Spell Improved MixMasters™
New I Heart Pink Improved MixMasters™
New Jazzberry Jam Improved MixMasters™
New Lucky Charm Improved MixMasters™
New Over the Top 25 MixMasters™
New Paradise Sunrise Improved MixMasters™
New Passion Project MixMasters™
New Patriotic Heart Improved MixMasters™
New Peppermint Dreams MixMasters™
New Pretty Pastels MixMasters™
New Summer Splendor MixMasters™
New Sundance Improved MixMasters™
New Sunnyside Improved MixMasters™
New We've Got Flare MixMasters™
New SuperCal® Premium Pink Mist Petchoa
New SuperCal® Premium Rose Pink Petchoa
New SuperCal® Premium Rose Star Petchoa
New SuperCal® Shocking Pink Petchoa
New CannonBall™ Yellow Improved Petunia
New ColorRush™ Red Improved Petunia
New Heartwheel Petunia
New Mona Magenta Plectranthus
New Pink Brilliance Scaevola
New Firehouse™ Light Pink Improved Verbena
New Dynamo™ Light Salmon Zonal Geranium
New Dynamo™ Purple Sizzle Zonal Geranium
New Dynamo™ Salmon Improved Zonal Geranium
New Fantasia® Violet Improved Zonal Geranium
New Presto™ Fuchsia Zonal Geranium
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