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Las Limas greenhouse

Our Farms

Our promise to our customers is reliable offshore supply with consistent quality and expertly timed products. Through our dedicated farm teams, we deliver the best of the best to your greenhouse.

Las Limas

Located in Estelí, Nicaragua, our offshore cutting farm Las Limas offers the optimal growing climate and altitude for our product selection, making it our most reliable source of unrooted cuttings.

  • Impressive 99.9% order fill rate.
  • Previous winner of Innovator of the Year by the Nicaraguan Export Producers Association, putting us at the top of Nicaraguan industry.
  • MPS-A certified for responsible use of crop protection agents, fertilizers, energy, and waste.
  • It is also MPS GAP certified to promote good agricultural practices.

Las Limas is a state-of-the-art facility designed to prevent insect, diseases and bacteria from entering the greenhouses. It uses cutting-edge production software, MPRISE Agriware, to improve the speed of communication to our grower customers and prepare us for future expansion.

We employ a highly skilled labor force that make sure every bag of cuttings is tracked and inspected for accuracy of count and quality. The goal is to deliver cuttings within 36 to 48 hours of harvest! To do that, Ball FloraPlant has secured a delivery service out of Nicaragua to supply the North American marketplace and reliably serve our customers.

In an effort to increase sustainability, the Las Limas farm grows in reusable, sterilized volcanic rock, and recycles and sterilizes its water before reuse. The farm is also free of neonicotinoid-based pet management chemicals and relies on alternative, environmentally friendly means to provide cuttings insect-free.

Las Limas greenhouseLas Limas employee


YecaFlora is Ball FloraPlant’s newest farm near the town of Yecapixtla in Mexico. It sits on 50 acres in a perfect climate to grow our full assortment of Geraniums and Poinsettias. The new location allows us to ship via truck to the U.S. border, ensuring that the cold chain is maintained, and that you get your order even more quickly and reliably.

  • Supplies Genesis™ direct-stick callused cuttings.
  • Product forms that reduce labor and input costs, shorten crop time, and reduce shrink.

YecaFlora’s development and construction is just one of the ways we’re investing in ways to serve our customers better and provide efficiencies in supply. In addition, all of our farms are MPS-A certified for sustainable energy use, waste management, and pest control, so you can be confident Ball FloraPlant will grow a greener future.

YecaFlora group photo