MixMasters™ Fashionista
  • MixMasters multiliners give you better finished performance and more innovative mixes. Here’s why: 
  • 100% complete “recipes” are perfectly balanced, with nothing missing.
  • Each variety is individually propagated and custom treated.
  • Allows for greater genetic diversity in mixes.

Lobelia Early Springs™ Dark Blue
Petunia Sun Spun® Burgundy
Verbena MixMasters™ Hot Pink
Jason Twaddell
Becky Lacy
Product Development Associate

We’ve got lots of exciting new and improved mixes this year, as well as further development of the MixMasters program. For the first time, we’ll be integrating accent plants into our combos for more texture, to achieve a premium look and for ease of maintenance for the home gardener. Take a look at NEW Loving Licorice, NEW Berried Treasure and NEW Ladylike.

These shade mixes answer the need for more premium shade items on the market. With today’s aging neighborhoods that contain lots of older trees, there are more shady spots in gardens, and our five new coleus mixes fit the bill with amazing color and texture for sun and shade.

We’ve also added duos to the program, for simplicity in look and easy execution. NEW Summer Fest and NEW Tea Party rely on bright blooms and contrasting colors to liven up these mixes.