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Our Trial Sites
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Trialed and Approved

An extensive trialing program is a key part of Ball FloraPlant’s introduction process, where regionality is an important component. Not only for new plants, but we continue to fine-tune our varieties after they have been introduced.

Our checklist of launch standards includes performance characteristics required for a passing grade in our greenhouse and outdoor trials in various regions. We’ve also expanded the number of regional trials to better evaluate the performance of our products before launch. Based on these results, we feel confident that Ball FloraPlant provides you with the best-performing new varieties.

Colored dot indicating 2013 trial sites in California, Illinois and South Carolina on the map

2013 Trial Sites:

  • Ball FloraPlant Breeding Station, Arroyo Grande, CA
  • Ball Seed Greenhouse, West Chicago, IL
  • In-ground Evaluation Trial, Santa Ynez, CA
  • Summer Tub Trial, West Chicago, IL
  • In-ground Summer Trial, Elburn, IL
  • Color Spot, Salinas, CA
  • Armstrong, Fallbrook, CA
  • Overwintering Trial of EnduraScape, Trenton, SC
Colored dot indicating 2014 trial sites in Florida, Texas, Utah, Maryland, North Carolina, Michigan, oregon and Alabama on the map

Added Trial Sites in 2014:

  • Costa Farms, Miami, FL
  • Pure Beauty, Miami, FL
  • Plant Odyssey, Kyle, TX
  • Olson’s Greenhouse Gardens, Salem, UT
  • Bell Nursery, Burtonsville, MD
  • Metrolina Greenhouses, Huntersville, NC
  • Masterpiece Flower Company, Byron Center, MI
  • Mast Young Plants, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Smith Gardens, Aurora, OR
  • Young’s Plant Farm, Auburn, AL
  • Colored dot indicating 2018 trial site in Ontario on the map

Added Trial Site in 2018:

  • George Sant & Sons Greenhouses, Kleinburg, ON Canada
Colored dot indicating 2019 trial site in British Columbia on the map

Added Trial Site in 2019:

  • Rainbow Greenhouses, Chilliwack, BC Canada
Map of the USA and Canada