Plant Protection and Licensing

All Ball FloraPlant varieties listed herein are covered by the Flowering Only Terms and Conditions of Sale Agreement. Many are also protected by U.S. Patents and/or Plant Breeders’ Rights in Canada and elsewhere. By opening a box of Ball FloraPlant varieties, customers signify agreement with the Flowering Only Terms and Conditions of Sale Agreement.

Flowering-Only Terms

  • Allows for the growing and selling of “Finished Plants,” defined as plants grown for at least five weeks in a 3-in. (7.5-cm) size pot/container or larger for at least four (4) weeks from planting of a rooted cutting, and seven (7) weeks from planting of an unrooted cutting.
  • All finished product must be sold with a Ball supplied or approved label or tag.
  • Sale of rooted or unrooted cuttings to any other company or individual is strictly prohibited as is propagation and/or the taking of tip cuttings.
A printable copy of the Flowering-Only License is available here

A copy can also be obtained from Royalty Administration International at (800) 472-4724. RAI has been appointed as our licensing agent in the United States.
Canada Growers, please contact Ball FloraPlant Licensing Administration at (630) 588-3111.

Licensed Propagation
A propagation license is a royalty bearing license that must be signed and returned to receive stock plants or take cuttings.
A propagation license is only available for Ball FloraPlant Geranium and New Guinea Impatiens varieties.
Propagation of these varieties without a license is strictly prohibited.

Contact information to obtain a propagation license:
U.S. Growers: Royalty Administration International at (800) 472-4724.
Canada Growers: Ball FloraPlant Licensing Administration at (630) 588-3111.

Licensed Propagation Terms

  • Any cuttings taken from the licensed plants must be used for finished production only.
  • Any and all growing done under this license must be performed solely at the “ship to” address as shown on the shipping documents for the licensed plants.
  • Any and all growing done under this license shall be solely for the purpose of producing flowering (finished) plants for U.S. and Canada sales.
  • “Finished Plants” are defined as plants grown for at least five (5) weeks in a 3-in. (7.5-cm) size pot/container or larger for at least four (4) weeks from planting of a rooted cutting, and seven (7) weeks from planting of an unrooted cutting.
  • Licensee is not allowed to sell or transfer to any party unrooted cuttings, rooted cuttings, or young (prefinished) plants of these varieties at any time.

Flowering-Only Licensed Varieties

AngelMist® Spreading Berry Sparkler'Balangspery'
AngelMist® Spreading Bluebird'Balangspird'
AngelMist® Spreading Dark Purple'Balangsparkl'
AngelMist® Spreading Pink'Balangbakin'
AngelMist® Spreading White'Balangspri'
Archangel™ Blue Bicolor'Balarclubi'
Archangel™ Cherry Red'Balarcher'
Archangel™ Dark Purple'Balarckle'
Archangel™ Dark Rose'Balarcrose'
Archangel™ Light Pink'Balarclipi'
Archangel™ Purple'Balarcpur'
Archangel™ Raspberry'Balarcaspim'
Archangel™ White'Balarcwite'

MegaCopa™ Blue'Balmecoblu'
MegaCopa™ Pink'Balmecopin'
MegaCopa™ Sky Blue'Balmecosklu'
MegaCopa™ Versa White'Balmecoversi'
MegaCopa™ White'Balmecowite'

Bee Alive'Bee Alive'
Bee Bold'Bee Bold'
Bee Happy'Bee Happy'
Sun Drop Compact'Balbisopac'
Sun Drop Improved'Balbisopim'

Enduring Blue'Enduring Blue'
Radiant Magenta'Cherish'

Dreamtime® Jumbo Pure White'Bondrepuho'
Dreamtime® Jumbo Red'Bondre 11100'
Dreamtime® Jumbo Rose'Bondre 1051'
Dreamtime® Jumbo Yellow'OHB003790'

Cabaret® Bright Red'Balcabrite'
Cabaret® Coral Kiss'Balcaboriss'
Cabaret® Deep Blue'Balcabdebu'
Cabaret® Deep Yellow'Balcabdepy'
Cabaret® Golden Yellow'Balcaboldel'
Cabaret® Hot Pink'Balcabhopi'
Cabaret® Lavender'Balcablavim'
Cabaret® Lemon Yellow'Balcablemy'
Cabaret® Light Pink'Balcablinkim'
Cabaret® Light Pink Kiss'Balcablipisk'
Cabaret® Midnight Blue'Balcabightlu'
Cabaret® Neon Rose'Balcabearnro'
Cabaret® Orange'Balcaborg'
Cabaret® Pink'Balcabin'
Cabaret® Pink Star'Balcabinsta'
Cabaret® Purple'Balcabpurim'
Cabaret® Purple Heart'Balcabart'
Cabaret® Rose'Balcabrosim'
Cabaret® Rose Kiss'Balcaboski'
Cabaret® Sky Blue'Balcabsklu'
Cabaret® White'Balcabwhite'
Can-Can® Apricot'Balcanapt'
Can-Can® Bumble Bee Pink'Balcanumbi'
Can-Can® Dark Purple'Balcanark'
Can-Can® Hot Pink Star'Balcanosar'
Can-Can® Magenta Kiss'Balcanmiss'
Can-Can® Neon Pink'Balcaneoni'
Can-Can® Orange'Balcanoran'
Can-Can® Pink Flamingo'Balcanpingo'
Can-Can® Terracotta'Balcantera'
Conga™ Coral Kiss'Balcongcriss'
Conga™ Dark Blue'Balcongarlu'
Conga™ Deep Yellow'Balcongdel'
Conga™ Lavender'Balconglav'
Conga™ Orange Kiss'Balcongraniss'
Conga™ Pink'Balcongcink'
Conga™ Red'Balcabscarim'
Conga™ Rose'Balcongosiss'
Conga™ Rose Kiss'Balcongrissim'
Conga™ Sun Kiss'Balconguniss'
Conga™ Sunset Kiss'Balcongetiss'
Conga™ White'Balcongite'

FlameThrower™ Chili Pepper'UF08-19-10'
FlameThrower™ Chipotle'UF12-82-3'
FlameThrower™ Habanero'UF09-8-37'
FlameThrower™ Salsa Roja'UF15-97-9'
FlameThrower™ Salsa Verde'UF14-24-1'
FlameThrower™ Serrano'UF15-6-28'
FlameThrower™ Spiced Curry'UF12-73-5'
Burgundy Wedding Train'Kakegawa CE10'
Electric Lime®'UF04335'
French Quarter'UF13-48-27'
Indian Summer'Balcinsu'
Lava Rose'Kakegawa CE1'
Mint Mocha'Balcimoa'
Ruby Slipper'UF13-42-4'
Special Effects'UF12-74-3'
Trusty Rusty'UF06419'


Gardenetta™ Dark Red'Baldenrek'
Gardenetta™ Lavender Swirl'Baldenav'
Gardenetta™ Passion Fruit'Baldenink'

Juliet™ Orange'Baljulorim'
Juliet™ Pink'Baljulink'
Juliet™ Red'Baljuled'
Juliet™ Rose'Baljulose'
Juliet™ White'Baljulitim'

Breathless® Blush'Balbreblus'
Breathless® White'Balbrewite'

Ivy Geranium
Focus™ Burgundy'Florpeltburg'
Focus™ Hot Pink'Tosfohopi'
Focus™ Red'Toscat1141'
Focus™ Red Ice'Tosforice'
Focus™ Rose'Florpeltpipu'
Precision™ Burgundy'Balcolbugi'
Precision™ Burgundy Ice'Sil Nixe Red'
Precision™ Dark Burgundy'KLEP01042'
Precision™ Dark Salmon'KLEPP08218'
Precision™ Lavender Blue'Florpeltlav'
Precision™ Pink'Tosprelipim'
Precision™ Pink Flamingo'Toscat1068'
Precision™ Red Ice'Sil Chris'
Precision™ Rose'G-689M'
Precision™ Ruby'Sil Ruben'
Precision™ Scarlet Red'KLEPP08207'
Precision™ White Red Eye'Sil Insa'

Zonal Geranium
Allure™ Hot Coral'BFP - 1568'
Allure™ Light Pink'Ballurlitpi'
Allure™ Lilac Chiffon'Lilac Chiffon'
Allure™ Pink Sizzle'Ballurpinzle'
Allure™ Purple Rose'Purple Rose'
Allure™ Salmon'Ballursal'
Allure™ Scarlet'Ballurscim'
Allure™ Tangerine'Ballurtang'
Allure™ True Red'Ballurtre'
Allure™ White'Ballurwhi'
Dynamo™ Dark Red'BFP-838 Dark Red'
Dynamo™ Dark Salmon'SIL Gatwig'
Dynamo™ Hot Pink'ToscaQ488'
Dynamo™ Light Pink'SIL Gesa'
Dynamo™ Purple'SIL Merle'
Dynamo™ Raspberry Sizzle'KLEPZ07197'
Dynamo™ Red'Baldyned'
Dynamo™ Salmon'Tosdynsal'
Dynamo™ Scarlet'SIL Friesia'
Dynamo™ Violet'Tosdynio'
Dynamo™ White'Tosdynwitim'
Fantasia® Appleblossom'Tosfanbloss'
Fantasia® Cardinal Red'Balfanimcar'
Fantasia® Coral'Balfancori'
Fantasia® Cranberry Sizzle'Tosfancriz'
Fantasia® Dark Red'Sil Magnus'
Fantasia® Flamingo Rose'Tosfanflam'
Fantasia® Neon Rose'Balfanero'
Fantasia® Pink'Tosfanpink'
Fantasia® Purple Sizzle'Sil Baldo 448'
Fantasia® Raspberry Twizzle'Balfanrazl'
Fantasia® Salmon'Sil Soren'
Fantasia® Scarlet'Tosfanscarim'
Fantasia® Shocking Pink'Balfanshop'
Fantasia® Strawberry Sizzle'Sil Claudio'
Fantasia® Violet'Balfanimvio'
Fantasia® White'Toscat0535'
Presto™ Brilliant Red'KLEPZ08224'
Presto™ Dark Fuchsia'KLEPZ05137'
Presto™ Dark Red'Tospresdared'
Presto™ Dark Salmon'KLEPZ08220'
Presto™ Deep Scarlet'Sil Ronja'
Presto™ Light Salmon'KLEPZ09251'

Zonal Geranium (contd.)
Presto™ Pink'Balshopink'
Presto™ Pink Sizzle'Sil Linus'
Presto™ Pink+Eye'KLEP01007'
Presto™ Rose Sizzle'Balshorozle'
Presto™ Violet'KLEPZ07200'
Presto™ White'Sil Cato'

Double Impatiens
Fiesta™ Appleblossom'Balfieplos'
Fiesta™ Burgundy'Balfiebur'
Fiesta™ Deep Orange'Balfiedeor'
Fiesta™ Lavender Orchid'Balfielavori'
Fiesta™ Pink Ruffle'Pink Ruffle'
Fiesta™ Purple'Balfieprim'
Fiesta™ Salsa Red'Balfiesaled'
Fiesta™ Sparkler Cherry'Balfiespray'
Fiesta™ Sparkler Hot Pink'Balfiesink'
Fiesta™ Stardust Pink'Balolestop'
Fiesta™ Sunrise Red'Balfiesunre'
Fiesta™ White'Balfiewite'
Fiesta Bonita™ Burgundy'Balboniburg'
Fiesta Bonita™ Cherry'Balbonicher'
Fiesta Bonita™ Pink'Balbonipink'
Fiesta Bonita™ Rose'Balbonirose'
Fiesta Bonita™ Salmon'Balbonisal'
Fiesta Bonita™ Stardust Lavender'Balbonistar'
Fiesta Bonita™ White'Balboniwite'

Exotic Impatiens
Fusion™ Glow Yellow'Balfusimglo'
Fusion™ Heat Coral'Balfusheat'
Patchwork™ Cosmic Burgundy'Balpacurn'
Patchwork™ Cosmic Orange'Balpacorg'
Patchwork™ Peach Prism'Balpapesmi'
Patchwork™ Pink Shades'Balpapinade'

Interspecific Impatiens
SunPatiens® Compact Best Friends
SunPatiens® Compact Blush Pink'SAKIMP013'
SunPatiens® Compact Coral Pink'SAKIMP042'
SunPatiens® Compact Deep Rose'SAKIMP017'
SunPatiens® Compact Desert Sun
SunPatiens® Compact Electric Orange'SAKIMP025'
SunPatiens® Compact Fire Red'SAKIMP037'
SunPatiens® Compact Hot Coral'SAKIMP026'
SunPatiens® Compact Lilac'SAKIMP012'
SunPatiens® Compact Neon Pink'SAKIMP033'
SunPatiens® Compact Orange'SAKIMP011'
SunPatiens® Compact Orchid'SAKIMP041'
SunPatiens® Compact Pink'SAKIMP019'
SunPatiens® Compact Pink Candy'SAKIMP046'
SunPatiens® Compact Purple'SAKIMP044'
SunPatiens® Compact Red'SAKIMP030'
SunPatiens® Compact Royal Magenta'SAKIMP029'
SunPatiens® Compact Summer Salsa
SunPatiens® Compact Tropical Rose'SAKIMP037'
SunPatiens® Compact White'SAKIMP027'
SunPatiens® Spreading Kiss'n Cousins
SunPatiens® Vigorous Clear Orange'SAKIMP040'
SunPatiens® Vigorous Corona'SAKIMP008'
SunPatiens® Vigorous Lavender'SAKIMP006'
SunPatiens® Vigorous Orchid'SAKIMP053'
SunPatiens® Vigorous Pink Kiss'SAKIMP043'
SunPatiens® Vigorous Red'SAKIMP048'
SunPatiens® Vigorous Rose Pink'SAKIMP052'
SunPatiens® Vigorous Salmon V/L'SAKIMP005'
SunPatiens® Vigorous Shell Pink'SAKIMP035'
SunPatiens® Vigorous Tropical Orange'SAKIMP038'
SunPatiens® Vigorous White Improved'SAKIMP010'
SunPatiens® Vigorous White V/L'SAKIMP018'

New Guinea Impatiens
Celebration Apricot'BALCELAPT'
Celebration Bright Salmon'Balcelbrisal'
Celebration Deep Red'Deep Red'
Celebration Electric Rose'Balcelelro'
Celebration Icy Blue'Balcebibu'
Celebration Lavender Glow'Balcelavgo'
Celebration Pink'Balcelimpik'
Celebration Purple'Balcelimpur'
Celebration Purple Star'Balcelipurt'
Celebration Rose Star'Balcelrost'
Celebration Tropical Peach'Balceltrop'
Celebration White'Balcelwitim'
Celebrette Appleblossom'Apple Blossom'
Celebrette Bonfire Orange'Balcelbono'
Celebrette Frost'Balcebfro'
Celebrette Hot Pink'Balcebhopi'
Celebrette Lavender'Balceblali'
Celebrette Red Improved'Balcebredim'
Celebrette Salmon Frost'Balcebsafo'
Celebrette Strawberry Star'Balcebstar'
Clockwork™ Appleblossom'DANCEL877'
Clockwork™ Cherry Strike'Balclorike'
Clockwork™ Hot Pink Glow'Balclohopi'
Clockwork™ Lavender'Balclolav'
Clockwork™ Orange'Balceborushi'
Clockwork™ Orange Stripe'Balceboripi'
Clockwork™ Pink Star'Balceborcari'
Clockwork™ Purple'Balcebgushi'
Clockwork™ Red'Balcloced'
Clockwork™ Rose'Balclorose'
Clockwork™ White Improved'Balclowiti'

SolarPower™ Black Heart'Balsolabart'
SolarPower™ Lime Heart'Balsolalimart'
SolarPower™ Red'Balsolared'
SolarPower™ Red Heart'Balsolaredar'
SolarTower™ Black'Balsotowac'
SolarTower™ Lime'Balsotowime'
Spotlight™ Black'Balspotack'
Spotlight™ Black Heart'Balspotbart'
Spotlight™ Lime'Balspotime'
Spotlight™ Lime Heart'Balspotimart'
Spotlight™ Red'Balspotred'

Bloomify™ Red'UF-1013A-2A'
Bloomify™ Rose'UF-1011-2'
Landmark™ Citrus'Balandcit'
Landmark™ Gold'Balandgold'
Landmark™ Red'Balandred'
Landmark™ Rose Glow'Balandroglim'
Landmark™ White'Balucwhit'
Landmark™ Yellow'Balucyell'
Little Lucky™ Hot Pink'Flortanapi'
Little Lucky™ Lemon Cream'Ballucream'
Little Lucky™ Orange'Ballucor'
Little Lucky™ Peach Glow'Balluceagl'
Little Lucky™ Pink'Ballucink'
Little Lucky™ Pot Of Gold'Balucgold'
Little Lucky™ Red'Balluced'
Lucky™ Flame'Balucraim'
Lucky™ Lavender'Baluclav'
Lucky™ Lemon Glow'Balucemlow'
Lucky™ Pot Of Gold'Balucgold'
Lucky™ Pure Gold'Balucpure'
Lucky™ Red'Balucred'
Lucky™ Sunrise Rose'Balandrise'
Lucky™ White'Balucwite'
Lucky™ Yellow'Balucimyel'

Early Springs™ Dark Blue'KLELE12472'
Early Springs™ Lavender Pink'KLELE12474'
Early Springs™ Magenta'Balspringma'
Early Springs™ Sky Blue'KLELE12471'
Early Springs™ White'KLELE12473'
Waterfall™ Blue'Balobwablu'
Waterfall™ Purple'Balwapur'
Waterfall™ White Blush'Balwawish'

Easy Breezy™ Pink'Balbeezink'
Easy Breezy™ White'Balbeezite'

Little Sunshine'SAKMEC002'

5 Alarm Chili
A Grape Fit!
Berried Treasure
Berry Basket
Big Flirt
Cherry Plum Tart
Circus Parade
Color Magic
Cotton Tail
Eye Caramba
Feelin' Lucky
Flower Child
Fruit Cocktail
Gimme Some Sugar
I Heart Pink
Jazzberry Jam
Laguna Beach Improved
Loving Licorice
Lucky Charm
Over The Top
Paradise Sunrise
Peaches & Cream
Peppery Perfection
Pink Outside The Box

MixMasters™ (contd.)
Rosé Everyday Improved
Santa Fe Sunset
Shooting Comet
Spirits United
Spring Showers
Sprinkles On Top
Summer Blues
Summer Bouquet
Summer Fest
Sunday Best
Sweet Escape
Sweet Melody
Tart Deco
Tea Party
The Whole Enchilada
Tiki Masala
Vindaloo Vision

Aromatica™ Rose Pink'Balarropi'
Aromatica™ Royal Blue'Balaroyble'
Aromatica™ White'Balarwitim'

Blue Eyed Beauty'Balostlueye'
Blushing Beauty'Balostush'
Voltage™ White'Balvowite'
Voltage™ Yellow'Balvoyelo'
Serenity™ Bronze'Balseronze'
Serenity™ Dark Purple'Balserdarp'
Serenity™ Deep Yellow'Balserdelo'
Serenity™ Lavender Frost'Balserlavosim'
Serenity™ Lemonade'Balserlem'
Serenity™ Pink'Balserpinkim'
Serenity™ Pink Magic'Balserpima'
Serenity™ Red'Balsered'
Serenity™ Rose Magic'Balseroma'
Serenity™ Spring Day'Balseringda'
Serenity™ White'Balserimwhi'

Magilla® Purple'Balmagpurp'

SuperCal® Artist Rose'SAKPXC010'
SuperCal® Blue'SAKPXC006'
SuperCal® Blushing Pink'SAKPXC008'
SuperCal® Cherry'SAKPXC012'
SuperCal® Crimson Red'SAKPXC018'
SuperCal® Light Yellow'SAKPXC017'
SuperCal® Neon Rose'Kakegawa S89'
SuperCal® Pink'SAKPXC016'
SuperCal® Pink Ice'SAKPXC009'
SuperCal® Purple'Kakegawa S90'
SuperCal® Salmon Glow'SAKPXC014'
SuperCal® Terra Cotta'Kakegawa S91'
SuperCal® Violet'SAKPXC011'
SuperCal® Premium Bordeaux'SAKPXC023'
SuperCal® Premium Caramel Yellow'SAKPXC024'
SuperCal® Premium Cinnamon'SAKPXC021'
SuperCal® Premium French Vanilla'SAKPXC020'
SuperCal® Premium Sunray Pink'SAKPXC022'

Cascadias™ Indian Summer'DCAS303'
ColorBlitz™ Amethyst'Flortuniatwo'
ColorBlitz™ Blue'KLEC01037'
ColorBlitz™ Blue Stardust'Flortunia Blusta'
ColorBlitz™ Bluerific'Bluerific'
ColorBlitz™ Lavender Shades'Glow Lavender Shades'
ColorBlitz™ Ocean Blue'FlortuniaOcBI'
ColorBlitz™ Pinkceptional'Pinkceptional'
ColorBlitz™ Purple'Flortunpur'
ColorBlitz™ Red'KLEPH14248'
ColorBlitz™ Redtastic'Redtastic'
ColorBlitz™ Rose Stardust'Flortuniarostar'
ColorBlitz™ Sky Blue'Flortunskbl'
ColorBlitz™ Snowy White'Flortunskbl'
ColorBlitz™ Yellow'KLEPH15261'
ColorRush™ Blue'Balcushlu'
ColorRush™ Pink'Balcushink'
ColorRush™ Pink Vein'Balcushinein'
Black Magic'Dray68'
Cha-Ching Cherry'Balpechay'
Jelly Roll'Jelly Roll'
Lime Light'Balpelite'
Rhythm And Blues'Balperblues'
Sun Spun® Blue'Balspunlu'
Sun Spun® Burgundy'Balspunburg'
Sun Spun® Coral'Balspuncor'
Sun Spun® Lavender Star'Balspunlar'
Sun Spun® Neon Pink
Sun Spun® Pink'KLEPH11199'
Sun Spun® Pink Ice'Balspunpice'
Sun Spun® Purple Star'Balspunurst'
Sun Spun® Raspberry Star'Balspunrast'
Sun Spun® Red'Balspunredim'
Sun Spun® White'Balspunwhi'

Spreading Double Petunia
Double Wave® Blue Vein'Kirimaji Double Blue Vein'
Double Wave® Blue Velvet'Kirimaji Double Blue Velvet'
Double Wave® Pink'Kirimaji Double Pink Vein'
Double Wave® Purple'Kirimaji Double Purple'
Double Wave® Red'Kirimaji Double Red'
Double Wave® Rose'Kirimaji Double Rose'
Double Wave® White'Kirimaji Double White'

Mona Lavender'Plepalila'

Rio Grande™ Magenta'KLEPO14001'
Rio Grande™ Orange'KLEPO14824'
Rio Grande™ Scarlet'KLEPO14002'
Rio Grande™ White'Balriowite'
Rio Grande™ Yellow'KLEPO14825'

Black & Bloom'Black & Bloom'
Mystic Spires'Balsalmispim'

Bondi™ Blue
Bondi™ White'Kingscabowi'
White Sparkle'Kingscawite'

Sunny™ Arizona Glow
Sunny™ Lemon Star'Lemon Star'
Sunny™ Orange Wonder'Orange Wonder'

Aztec® Blue Velvet'Balazvelu'
Aztec® Coral'Balazcoral'
Aztec® Dark Red'Balazdare'
Aztec® Lavender'Balazlavi'
Aztec® Pink'Balazpink'
Aztec® Red Velvet'Balazreve'
Aztec® Violet'Balazvimp'
Aztec® White'Balazwite'
Aztec® Wild Rose'Balazwilro'
Aztec Magic™ Magenta'Balazmagma'
Aztec Magic™ Orchid'Balazorchma'
Aztec Magic™ Plum'Balazplum'
Aztec Magic™ Purple'Balazpurmai'
Aztec Magic™ Red'Balazmared'
Aztec Magic™ Silver'Balazsilma'
Aztec Magic™ White'Balazmawite'
Cadet Upright™ Hot Pink Wink'Balcadotinw'
Cadet Upright™ Lavender Blue'Balcadavlu'
Cadet Upright™ Magenta Wink'Balcadentwi'
Cadet Upright™ Pink'Balcadpink'
Cadet Upright™ Purple'Balcadurp'
Cadet Upright™ Red'Balcadred'
Cadet Upright™ White'Balcadite'
EnduraScape™ Blue'Balendluim'
EnduraScape™ Dark Purple'Balendakle'
EnduraScape™ Hot Pink'Balendopin'
EnduraScape™ Magenta'Balendmag'
EnduraScape™ Pink Bicolor'Balendpibi'
EnduraScape™ Pink Fizz'Balendinz'
EnduraScape™ Red'Balendred'
EnduraScape™ White'Balendwite'
EnduraScape™ White Blush'Balendish'
Firehouse™ Burgundy'Balfireburgim'
Firehouse™ Grape'Balfireape'
Firehouse™ Lavender'Balfirelav'
Firehouse™ Light Pink'Balfirelitpi'
Firehouse™ Pink'Balfireinkim'
Firehouse™ Purple'Balfirepur'
Firehouse™ Purple Fizz'Balfirepuriz'
Firehouse™ Red'Balendred'
Firehouse™ White'Balfireitim'
Wink Burgundy'Florbenacher'
Wink Violet'KLEVP12449'