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About Us

Ball FloraPlant is a leading breeder of vegetatively propagated flowers and plants that has won critical acclaim for its ability to produce clean, healthy cuttings for the horticultural industry.

Leading the Way

Ball FloraPlant sets the standard for unrooted, callused and Autostix™ cuttings and liners. Our dedication to the customer begins with reliable, consistent supply and expertly timed products from our state-of-the-art farms. All while ensuring we deliver the best-of-the-best to your greenhouse through Ball Seed®.

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Quality Products

Ball FloraPlant is an award-winning producer of high-quality varieties, and our plant breeders are at the forefront of innovative breeding. Our committed teams reinvent plant classes for new relevance and renewed excitement.

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DR. Nathan Jahnke
Annual Bedding Plants
Our focus is always on the quality of our product, and that includes our selection of award-winning and exceptional varieties. By offering plants from those in a real series (same habit, vigor and flowering time), to season-extender varieties, you know you’re getting consistent quality every time.
Nick Flax
Combos & Mixes
We continue to innovate our vast selection of combinations, which includes a mastery of colors and genetic diversity. Our expert team continually trials for regionality, seasonality, timing, vigor and longevity to create perfect product solutions.
Josh Henry
Color comes alive in our stunning tropical collection, along with some exciting new genetics, meeting the needs of sun- and heat-loving gardeners.
Viewing products from Ball FloraPlant

Right From The Start

Our farms offer the optimal growing climate for our product selection, making it our most reliable source of unrooted cuttings, with an impressive 99.9% order fill rate – on time and in full!

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