• Cadet Upright™ Hot Pink Wink
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Cadet Upright™ Lavender Blue
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Cadet Upright™ Red
    ‘Balcadredim’ PP32,833
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Cadet Upright™ Violet Blue
    ‘Balcadetlu’ EU PBRAF, PP31,977
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Cadet Upright™ Magenta Wink
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Cadet Upright™ Pink
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Cadet Upright™ Purple
    ‘Balcadurp’ PP30,640
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Cadet Upright™ White
    ‘Balcadite’ PP30,606
    (Flowering Only License)

Cadet Upright™ Verbena
Cadet Upright™ Verbena
  • Flowers one week earlier than other upright verbena on the market.
  • Compared to the competition, this verbena has the most uniform habit across the series.
  • Features the same heat performance as EnduraScape in a compact patio-pot habit.
  • All colors can be treated the same culturally.
  • Proven superior powdery mildew resistance when compared to the competition.
  • Ideal for quart and high-density, pot-tight production, as they won’t tangle on the bench.
  • General Information
    • Height: 8-10" (20-25cm)
    • Spread: 12-14" (30-36cm)
    • Exposure: Partial Sun, Sun
    • Tray Sizes (cells/tray): 50, 72, 84, 105
    • Rooting Hormone: No
    • Average Days with Mist: 6-9
    • Pinch: Yes
    • Average Propagation Time (weeks): 3-4
    • Average propagation time for perennials includes 3-5 weeks to bulk-up the liner before beginning cold treatment when started in late Summer or early Autumn.

    • Comments: Reduce and then eliminate mist as soon as possible. Apply preventative fungicide spray after sticking.
    • Soil pH: 5.8-6.2
    • Light Levels (fc): 5,000-8,000
    • Temperature Day: 71-79°F (22-26°C)
    • Temperature Night: 62-64°F (17-18°C)
    • Fertilization (ppm N): 225-300
    • No. of Pinches: 1-2
    • Plant Growth Regulators (S=spray / (D=Drench: Generally not needed. Bonzi(D) at 1-3 ppm two to four weeks after transplant will tone finished growth when grown warm in the greenhouse. Cool night temperature during production cycle promotes tight habits.
    • Pests: Whitefly, leafminers, aphids
    • Diseases: Root rot
    • Comments: Regularly allow plants to dry between irrigation.
    • 4- to 5-inch (10- to 13-cm) Pots, Quarts: 1 ppp, 5-7 weeks
    • 6-inch (15-cm) Pots, Gallons: 1-3 ppp, 7-8 weeks
    • 10- to 12-inch (25- to 30-cm) Tubs or Baskets: 4-5 ppp, 10-13 weeks
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      Cadet Upright Verbena
  • Additional Information
Maria Bolinger
Maria Bolinger
Territory Manager Southeast/Southwest

Cadet Upright is the best choice for your 1 qt. verbena production. It is naturally compact. Follow these regional culture recommendations to get the perfect quart every time.

West Region

magenta wink

We were able to successfully grow Cadet Upright Verbena with no PGRs under cool nights with average daily temperatures of 60°F (16°C) or less. We pinched approximately 4 weeks after stick and transplanted 2 weeks after pinch. When ADT exceeds 60°F (16°C), we recommend B-Nine 2,500/Cycocel 750 ppm tank mix spray 2 weeks after transplant.

Midwest, Canada and Northeast Region

With low light levels during Midwest Spring conditions, a 1 ppm Bonzi drench 4 weeks after transplant held plants and controlled excessive growth with no effect on flowering.

South and Southeast Region

An early spray application to liners of 3 ppm Bonzi 2 weeks prior to transplant is recommended to promote branching and tone plants. We were able to successfully grow Cadet Upright Verbena with no finishing PGRs with average daily temperatures in excess of 72°F (22°C). If temperatures spike late in the crop cycle, use a Bonzi 1 ppm drench.