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  • Dynamo™ Purple
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Dynamo™ Scarlet
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Dynamo™ Violet
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Dynamo™ Dark Red
    ‘Tosdyndredi’ PP32,838
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Dynamo™ Salmon
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Dynamo™ Orange
    ‘TOSTC0563’ PP31,694
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Dynamo™ Pink Flare
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Dynamo™ Red
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Dynamo™ Hot Pink
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Dynamo™ White
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Dynamo™ Dark Salmon
    ‘SIL Gatwig’
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Dynamo™ Light Pink
    ‘SIL Gesa’
    (Flowering Only License)

Dynamo™ Zonal Geranium

Dynamo™ Zonal Geranium
Medium vigor, green leaf.
  • Dynamo is the powerhouse among zonal geraniums: all the key colors you need in a uniform series.
  • Matches for habit, flower timing and branching to ship all at once.
  • Powerful first flush of color with more continuous blooms per plant.
  • It has big, bright flowers and crisp, medium green leaves.
  • The ultimate geranium for garden beds and large containers.

Also available as Genesis direct-stick callused cuttings.
  • General Information
    • Height: 12-14" (30-36cm)
    • Spread: 12-14" (30-36cm)
    • Exposure: Sun
    • Tray Sizes (cells/tray): See Comments
    • Rooting Hormone: Optional
    • Average Days with Mist: 9-12
    • Pinch: No
    • Average Propagation Time (weeks): 3-4
    • Comments: Stick immediately upon arrival. Geraniums are best rooted in media in strip form to allow for maximum airflow and avoid foliage overlap. After initial rehydration, careful misting is required to optimize callus and root initiation. Mature leaves should show slight wilting at midday and regain turgor in the late afternoon under ideal mist conditions. Leaf petiole wilting indicates undermisting. Overmisting leads to Botrytis. Remove flower buds at transplanting.
    • Soil pH: 6.2-6.6
    • Light Levels (fc): 3,500-6,000
    • Temperature Day: 65-76°F (18-24°C)
    • Temperature Night: 62-67°F (17-19°C)
    • Fertilization (ppm N): 225-300
    • No. of Pinches: 0
    • Plant Growth Regulators (S=spray / (D=Drench: Cycocel(S) 750-1,000 ppm to control growth; Florel(S) 200-300 ppm to improve branching.
    • Pests: Fungus gnats, thrips, aphids, mites
    • Diseases: Botrytis, Pythium, Xanthomonas
    • Comments: Keep foliage dry. Provide good air circulation.
    • 4- to 5-inch (10- to 13-cm) Pots, Quarts: 1 ppp, 8-9 weeks
    • 6-inch (15-cm) Pots, Gallons: 1-2 ppp, 9-10 weeks
    • 10- to 12-inch (25- to 30-cm) Tubs or Baskets: 4-5 ppp, 11-13 weeks
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