• Clockwork™ Cherry Strike
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Clockwork™ Hot Pink Glow
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Clockwork™ Lavender
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Clockwork™ Rose
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  • Clockwork™ White
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  • Clockwork™ Appleblossom
    ‘DANCEL877’ PP21,622
    (Flowering Only License)

  • Clockwork™ Orange
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  • Clockwork™ Orange Stripe
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  • Clockwork™ Pink Star
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  • Clockwork™ Purple
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  • Clockwork™ Red
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Clockwork™ New Guinea Impatiens
  • Bred to be extremely uniform in habit and flower timing across all colors, blooming all in the same week. Beneficial to greenhouse growers, as culture does not need adjusting. Since all colors finish together, they can be shipped to retail at the same time. Series truly performs like clockwork.
  • Large blooms.
  • Ideal for quart and gallon containers, and hanging baskets.
  • General Information
    • Height: 8-10" (20-25cm)
      Spread: 10-12" (25-30cm)
      Exposure: Shade
  • Propagation Guide
    • Tray Sizes (cells/tray): 50, 72, 84, 105
      Rooting Hormone: No
      Average Days with Mist: 7-8
      Pinch: No
      Average Propagation Time (weeks): 3-4

      Average propagation time for perennials includes 3-5 weeks to bulk-up the liner before beginning cold treatment when started in late Summer or early Autumn.

      Comments: Apply preventative fungicide spray after sticking. Reduce mist as soon as possible. Scout regularly for Botrytis.
  • Finishing
    • Soil pH: 5.8-6.2
      Light Levels (fc): 4,000-7,000
      Temperature Day: 68-76°F (20-24°C)
      Temperature Night: 59-64°F (15-18°C)
      Fertilization (ppm N): 175-225
      No. of Pinches: 0
      Plant Growth Regulators (S) = spray / (D) = drench: Bonzi(S) 2-10 ppm can be used to control habit early; Bonzi(D) 0.25-1.0 ppm applied as crop matures will control final height but not delay flowering or reduce flower size. Florel(S) 100-200 ppm can be used to improve branching but will usually not be needed.
      Pests: Thrips, aphids, mites
      Diseases: Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus, Botrytis, Pythium
      Comments: Maintain 68°F (20°C) average daily temperature to optimize bloom size and reduce time to flower. Cooler temperatures will extend crop time. Grow crop somewhat dry to help control growth and hasten flowering. Avoid excess micro-nutrients in the soil. With good cultural practices and environmental conditions, no PGRs will be needed.
  • Crop Time (weeks)
    • 4- to 5-inch (10- to 13-cm) Pots, Quarts : 1 ppp, 6-8 weeks
      6-inch (15-cm) Pots, Gallons: 1-2 ppp, 7-9 weeks
      10- to 12-inch (25- to 30-cm) Tubs or Baskets: 4-5 ppp, 8-11 weeks
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      Clockwork New Guinea Impatiens
      Clockwork New Guinea Impatiens