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  • New MegaCopa™ Blue Improved
    ‘Balmecoluim’ PPAF
    (Flowering Only License)

  • New MegaCopa™ Dark Pink
    (Flowering Only License)

  • MegaCopa™ Lavender
    (Flowering Only License)

  • MegaCopa™ Pink
    ‘Balmecpim24’ PP35,503
    (Flowering Only License)

  • MegaCopa™ Plum
    ‘Balmecoplum’ PP35,484
    (Flowering Only License)

  • MegaCopa™ White
    (Flowering Only License)

MegaCopa™ Bacopa

MegaCopa™ Bacopa
  • This series of bacopa is notable for its well-branched habits, large flowers and improved heat performance.
  • Controlled habit is grower-friendly and offers better centerfill than other bacopa.
  • Largest flower size in the industry, with showy blooms that cover the plant, driving impulse sales at retail.
NEW Blue Improved: Better habit, plus bigger flowers that won’t cup.
NEW Dark Pink: A unique color for the class! Coral-pink blooms have a dark rose eye.
Rebecca Tashiro
Rebecca Tashiro

MegaCopa for mega-success

MegaCopa Bacopa has emerged as one of our fastest-growing products, taking market share and delivering grower success due to its heat tolerance and floriferousness. We went from selling these as 2 for 1 cuttings to 1 for 1 cuttings, and we have found that growers have just as much success with MegaCopa this way and the product looks the same or better going to the store.”

Regional culture recommendations

We performed extensive PGR trials and found that MegaCopa White can be successfully grown without PGRs.

An early Cycocel 750 ppm spray application approximately 2 weeks after transplant, or Bonzi 3 ppm drench 4 weeks after transplant, are options that worked well. This process provided adequate control and helped produce a well-toned and filled pot.

picture od control plantpicture of plant treated with 750ppm Cycocel spraypicture of plant treated with 3ppm Bonzai drench