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NEW Bacopa MegaCopa™ Blue Improved

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  • This series of bacopa is notable for its well-branched habits, large flowers and improved heat performance.
  • Controlled habit is grower-friendly and offers better centerfill than other bacopa.
  • Largest flower size in the industry, with showy blooms that cover the plant, driving impulse sales at retail.
Better habit, plus bigger flowers that won’t cup.

Culture Guide

Culture Guide

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General Information

Height: 4-6" (10-15cm)
Spread: 12-18" (30-46cm)
Exposure: Sun

Propagation Guide

Tray Sizes (cells/tray): 50, 72, 84, 105
Rooting Hormone: No
Average Days with Mist: 6-8
Pinch: Yes
Average Propagation Time (weeks): 3
Comments: Stick 1 cutting per cell.


Soil pH: 5.4-5.8
Light Levels (fc): 4,000-8,000
Temperature Day: 65-76°F (18-24°C)
Temperature Night: 56-61°F (13-16°C)
Fertilization (ppm N): 175-225
No. of Pinches: 1-2
Plant Growth Regulators (S=spray / (D=Drench: Generally not needed. B-Nine(S) 1,000-1,500 ppm can be used sparingly to tone and control spread. Florel(S) 150-200 ppm will reduce early flowering and increase branching.
Pests: Thrips, aphids
Diseases: Root rot, Botrytis
Comments: Pinch as needed to shape. Grow Bacopa bright and cool to maximize branching and encourage best possible habit. Test soil regularly for high pH/iron deficiency. Refer to the MegaCopa Series Bacopa Grower Facts at for detailed culture information.

Crop Time (weeks)

4- to 5-inch (10- to 13-cm) Pots, Quarts: 1-2 ppp, 5-7 weeks
6-inch (15-cm) Pots, Gallons: 2-3 ppp, 7-10 weeks
10- to 12-inch (25- to 30-cm) Tubs or Baskets: 4-5 ppp, 8-12 weeks