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MixMasters™ Pico de Gallo
MixMasters™ Pico de Gallo
  • MixMasters multiliners give you better finished performance and more innovative mixes. Here’s why: 
  • 100% complete “recipes” are perfectly balanced, with nothing missing. 
  • Each variety is individually propagated and custom treated. 
  • Allows for greater genetic diversity in mixes.
Coleus FlameThrower™ Salsa Roja
Coleus FlameThrower Salsa Verde
Coleus FlameThrower Serrano
Becky Lacy
Becky Lacy
Product Manager

The best mixes start with color selection and end with following proper culture guidelines.

Our MixMasters collection has been carefully selected, combining on-trend colors that work well together with varieties that have been trialed and approved for optimum growing performance in containers. A variety of characteristics also figures in the mix, including unique textures, fragrances, common water requirements and pollinator appeal.

When our team of experts sets out to create new recipes for the program, they also consider the following factors:

  • Regionality: Where will the combo grow well, or will it work nationally?
  • Timing: The varieties must flower together in the beginning, and go out together at the end of Summer.
  • Vigor: The recipe as a whole is taken into consideration, so that one or two components won’t overgrow.
  • Seasonality: Daylength neutrality is important in all of our breeding.
  • Longevity at retail: All MixMasters combos must provide continuous blooming on retail shelves and on into the consumer’s garden after purchase.