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Trials & Travels
Cornell University- Ithaca, NY- August 18, 2017- zone 5B
At Ball FloraPlant we are trialing our varieties all over the country! We want to make sure that you have a regional trial to review our new and existing varieties under conditions similar to your own. The BFP team is traveling all the time, evaluating these same trials. In the event you are unable to attend a trial yourself or would like to know how trials outside of your region perform, we will send out trial reports throughout this Summer. They will include info about the trial and highlights.
Cornell: From this trial location, one can expect long days in the summer with cool night temperatures and excellent garden maintenance. The beds are planted in a fashion similar to what a gardener or landscaper would design. These beds show how varieties will interact and pair with eachother as well as performan for the end user througout the summer.
Lantana Lucky Sunrise Rose (front) & Lantana Lucky Red (back)
  • Photo taken week 33
  • Lucky was the best performing lantana at this trial by far
  • It had the most blooms and brightest color
Petunia ColorRush Pink
  • Photo taken week 33
  • ColorRush is still bright with blooms late into the summer
  • It filled in every available space without overtaking the surrounding varieties
Coleus FlameThrower Sala Verde (left) & FlameThrower Spiced Curry (right)
  • Photo taken week 33
  • The FlameThrower series was eye-catching in this garden
  • The bright colors created solid blocks of color
  • They filled in nicely between shorter front plantings and taller rear plantings
Salvia Mysty
  • Photo taken week 33
  • Mysty's natural compact habit holds true in the Northeast
  • It was used here as a low border planting/backstop at the rear of a bed
  • It also separated different planting areas in a clean and attractive way
Verbena EnduraScape
  • Photo taken week 33
  • EnduraScape continues to put up full blooms in wet conditions
  • It had nice full ground coverage and spread in the front of the bed
Angelonia AngelMist Spreading Blue Bicolor
  • Photo taken week 33
  • AngelMist painted the corner of this bed blue with color
  • Plenty of blooms with more on the way
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