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Welby Gardens - Arvada, Colorado

Welby Gardens: This trial in Arvada, Colorado is certainly unique in the fact that all of its varieties are grown in containers. The trial features annual and perennial plants grown in the classic Colorado conditions of dry weather and plenty of sunshine. This year marks a milestone for this family, as it is their 70th year putting on the Welby Summer Flower Trials.

Welby Gardens  Arvada, CO   August 8, 2018 - Zone 5b
Dahlia City Lights from Selecta One
Dahlia - City Lights™ Lavender Pink
Bright blooms light up dark foliage.
  • Clean dark, dense foliage highlights the blooms
  • Large full-double blooms arranged evenly around the plant
  • Maintains an upright and compact shape
Lobularia Easy Breezy White from Ball FloraPlant
Lobularia - Easy Breezy™ White
A beautiful compact cloud
  • Forms a beautiful cascading shape in containers and baskets
  • Heavy branching leading to dense flower cover
  • Maintains bright white color that doesn't fade in the sun
Dianthus Jolt Pink from PanAmerican Seed
Dianthus - Jolt™ Pink
Blooms that are shocking!
  • Full panicles of bloom across the plant
  • Presents a dense mass of vibrant color that draws you in
  • Keeps an upright, compact habit that is far from leggy
Helenium Salud Embers from Darwin Perennials
Helenium - Salud™ Embers
A peek at a promising perennial
  • Intense color with a swath of warm tones
  • Incredible branching making for a compact nature
  • Healthy flush of flowers with many more on the way
MixMasters Tart Deco from Ball FloraPlant
MixMasters™ - Tart Deco
Credit to this combo
  • Showing two strong pieces that play well together
  • Forms a perfect mounding habit as a combination in a container or basket
  • Highlights the flower power and vigor from the ColorRush™ Petunia series
Spreading Petunia Tidal Wave Red Velour
Petunia - Tidal Wave® Red Velour
Rolling in rich red
  • A rich red color that is not often found in the petunia market
  • Exhibits incredible branching and bloom coverage
  • Maintains shape and trailing drape in the pot
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