Real Series
Real Series

When we call something a series, we mean it.

Ball FloraPlant’s Real Series gives you the absolute best predictability in your crops. We evaluated all of our series to fulfill three criteria:

  1. All varieties flower and ship within the same week.
  2. All share the same culture recommendations, and finish with the same habit and vigor.
  3. They’re the most uniform assortment on the market.

When you see the Real Series icon, you know those criteria were met.

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Archangel™ AngeloniaArchangel™ Angelonia Juliet™ DiasciaJuliet™ Diascia Fiesta Bonita™ Double ImpatiensFiesta Bonita™ Double Impatiens SolarPower™ IpomoeaSolarPower™ Ipomoea
Focus™ Ivy GeraniumFocus™ Ivy Geranium Precision™ Ivy GeraniumPrecision™ Ivy Geranium Little Lucky™ LantanaLittle Lucky™ Lantana Early Springs™ LobeliaEarly Springs™ Lobelia
Clockwork™ New Guinea ImpatiensClockwork™ New Guinea Impatiens Serenity™ OsteospermumSerenity™ Osteospermum Bondi™ ScaevolaBondi™ Scaevola Sunny™ ThunbergiaSunny™ Thunbergia
Presto™ Zonal GeraniumPresto™ Zonal Geranium