Monday, May 14, 2012

We are living busy lives! No wonder people are looking for comfort and ease. Comfort in this case is the sense of shelter from the fast-paced society. People create this from their surroundings. Ease has to do with optimizing the value of time: people will be looking for products and services that can save time and effort.

One way to de-clutter life and save time is by doing more with less. We expect an increase in products and services that serve multiple purposes. The ultimate example these days is the smart phone, which in only a few years went from a communication device to a central hub of social interaction and individual entertainment. But there are many other examples.

Paint and primer in one

Hand cream with essential oil to relieve stress

Tea to enjoy and lose weight

Always look for and promote the extra function of your products. For example house plants do not only beautify indoor living spaces, they also clean the air and provide a healthier living for you and your family. These secondary functions are usually the fun stories people remember.

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