Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A few days ago, Camila Valle (product rep) came to our product managers team with a question that she received from a customer: “Will osteo flowers stay open while inside a Las Vegas Casino?”

What a fun challenge to have!

Here are the results from a quick trial done by our culture research technician, John Muller.

One plant was put in an office with the lights on all night. The other in an office without any lights on. The plants were left overnight and photos were taken at 6:30 AM the following morning.

Oddly enough, the flowers on the plant without light exposure stayed mostly open, and the flowers exposed to lights all night were closed up.

Upon closer inspection, it was determined that the difference between open and unopened flowers was the age of the flower, not its exposure to light during the night period. Older flowers stay open, and younger flowers close.

The two plants in the front were used in the office evaluation. They were pulled from the tunnel where they are being grown. You can see flowers at various stages of opening and closing on all varieties, with the common differentiating factor being the age of the flower. Older, open flowers can be found on all varieties at this time.


Here you can see how flowers close up progressively more, the younger they are. Standard indoor lighting is not sufficient to keep the flowers open. However, with mature plants in full flower, you will always have some blooms that stay open at night.

By no means are we saying that an osteo is the perfect selection to show indoors. But if you’re a fan of the daisy look, trial it yourself with a mature plant in your casino, mall or office!

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