Propagation & Licensing

Important Plant Protection and Licensing Information

All Ball FloraPlant varieties listed herein are covered by the terms and conditions of the Flowering Only License Agreement. Many are also protected by U.S. Patents and/or Plant Breeders’ Rights in Canada and elsewhere. By opening a box of Ball FloraPlant varieties, customers signify agreement with the terms and conditions of the Flowering-Only License.

Flowering-Only Varieties

Flowering-Only License Terms

  • Allows for the growing and selling of “Finished Plants,” defined as plants grown for at least five weeks in a 3-in. (7.5-cm) size pot/container or larger for at least four (4) weeks from planting of a rooted cutting, and seven (7) weeks from planting of an unrooted cutting.
  • All finished product must be sold with a Ball or Simply Beautiful supplied or approved label or tag.
  • Sale of rooted or unrooted cuttings to any other company or individual is strictly prohibited as is propagation and/or the taking of tip cuttings.

A printable copy of the Flowering-Only License is available here

A copy can also be obtained from Royalty Administration International at (800) 472-4724. RAI has been appointed as our licensing agent in the United States.
Canada Growers, please contact Ball FloraPlant Licensing Administration at (630) 588-3111.

Licensed Propagation
A propagation license is a royalty bearing license that must be signed and returned to receive stock plants or take cuttings.
A propagation license is only available for Ball FloraPlant Geranium and New Guinea Impatiens varieties.
Propagation of these varieties without a license is strictly prohibited.

Contact information to obtain a propagation license:
U.S. Growers: Royalty Administration International at (800) 472-4724.
Canada Growers: Ball FloraPlant Licensing Administration at (630) 588-3111.

Licensed Propagation Terms

  • Any cuttings taken from the licensed plants must be used for finished production only.
  • Any and all growing done under this license must be performed solely at the “ship to” address as shown on the shipping documents for the licensed plants.
  • Any and all growing done under this license shall be solely for the purpose of producing flowering (finished) plants for U.S. and Canada sales.


2-For-1 Policy

Due to their natural habit, unrooted cuttings of some varieties can be somewhat fine or wispy. For these varieties, Ball requires that customers use 2 cuttings per cell. To facilitate this, customers will be shipped 2 cuttings of the varieties below for the price of 1. Ball believes that it is necessary to utilize these varieties in this way to allow for the most successful finished product.
If cuttings are "stuck" 1 per cell, customers will be responsible for the cost of full royalty and tags for those extra plants.

You may arrange for payment of the royalty and tags by calling Ball at 800 879-BALL.

Ball provides 2 cuttings for the price of 1 for the following series:

Amethyst and Eduring Blue Brachyscome
Allyson Heather Cuphea
Juliet™ & Romeo™ Diascia
Aromatica™ Nemesia
Vinca minor